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    Pros and cons of collecting… Furga dolls

    Today a new recurring topic is introduced: discussing the pros and cons of collecting a certain type, brand or period of dolls. I’m sharing my personal experiences, as well as facts that are known among collectors in general. People that are new in the hobby, however, may not be aware of certain problems that their beloved dolls can get. We start with dolls made by the well-known company Furga, Italy. Furga dolls are very popular among collectors, both because of the beauty and originality of the face moulds, and also because Furga dolls are usually dressed in very well-made, lovely outfits. A good example is the Alta Moda collection. You…

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    A little bit of progress on the Furga doll outfit

    Hello readers, it’s been a while. My dear kitty cat got sick and sadly passed away, so I didn’t have the time, nor did I feel like being present in the online blog world. I miss her very much. I did, however, make a tiny bit of progress on the outfit for the unidentified Furga doll. I’m working on the blouse, the collar is half finished. I still need to line the arm holes, close the sides and finish the back with closure. I’m thinking of adding a bow near the collar in wine red, and want to add a beret to the outfit – kind of school girl uniform…

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    The Doll Years blog needs maintenance, so it is possible that in the next few weeks the blog will be down sometimes, or will look different. When the maintenance is done, I’ll be back with new posts. One doll in particular can’t wait for another photo shoot: See you soon, try not to melt, or freeze if you’re Down Under!

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    Skirt for 1950s Furga doll

    The first piece of clothing for the 1950s Furga doll that looks like a Bonomi is almost finished. I made an error with the measurements, so the skirt is too wide in the waist – 2 pleats too wide to be precise. I really don’t know how that happened, but the good news is that it can be corrected. It is pinned in the back to make it fit. The skirt is rather long, maybe it will be shortened. I’ll see how it looks with the rest of the outfit when it’s sewn.

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    Shirley all cleaned up

    “Shirley”, the unidentified doll that I brought home last weekend, has had her spa visit. I cleaned her carefully with a damp cloth. She was more dusty than I expected, she has a fresher skin tone now. Her hair was very tangled. It took me two hours to make the curls again. The wig is so thin and fragile that I’d rather leave it alone from now on, several strands of hair got stuck in the comb. It’s not visible, thank goodness! Shirley’s dress lost a lot of colour, but at least it’s clean now. It had dark spots all over at the back; they’re all gone. The two little…

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    Two mystery dolls found in Bruges

    Brought home this morning: two unidentified dolls. The first one has similar features to Bonomi, Samco or old Furga dolls. She’s 45 cm tall. I would say this doll is from the 1950s. She has flirty eyes, articulated shoulders, elbows, knees and a twist torso. She misses a finger. On one of her legs, a small red stamp that says “Italy”. Under her wig, a mark. I see “Furga 60” in it, but it could be something different. Update: it’s definitely Furga – I found proof on another blog. The second doll is one that I had seen before, at the fair where I bought my Lisette doll. This doll…

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    Barbie Superstar leaflet

    Today we look at a Barbie leaflet that shows the transition of the “old” Twist ‘n Turn Barbies to the dolls of the Superstar era. On the cover: Superstar Barbie herself in her fabulous outfit. The Quick Curl Barbies still have the delicate features of the TNT (Twist ‘n Turn) era. Here, some of the new dolls. Bent arms are a new feature, probably to give Barbie a more fashion-model-posing look. The face is more round and Barbie has a sweet, friendly smile on her face. Partytime Barbie was not nearly as expensive as the new Superstar Barbie. On this page, Hawaiian Barbie Superstar, one of the loveliest dolls of…

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    Change of clothes

    I tried on some new clothes on a few of my dolls. I could be wrong, but I think that I heard some happy mumbling, and: “Finally I’m out of those waaay to warm silver pants!” Nah, probably was my imagination… Looks Model #9 (I should give him a name) wears a vest and jewellery from one of the BTS boys. The vest is too small, but doesn’t it look great on him? Re-bodied Fashionista Macy is dressed in the Looks wavy hair doll’s outfit, combined with a gold clutch. Halle Berry wears a beach outfit from Top Model Resort Summer. She switched her orange bikini for a green one,…

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    Restoring Lisette

    May 17, 2022 The way I found the rather rare doll I’m showing today is a bit curious. A while ago I visited a small antiques fair in a museum. To my surprise, several dealers sold old dolls. One doll stood out for me because of her familiar face mould, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it before. The doll had a strongly glued-on wig with ringlets that covered a part of her face and wore a frilly long pink dress and lace shoes. Her eyes were repainted badly. Still, even though I didn’t know who she was, I felt that I had to take this doll home.…

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    A new muse: Olivia Chase

     A new small-scale muse arrived today. Her name is Olivia Chase, her type is Stargazing. She’s a member of the Chase family from the Tyler Wentworth series by Robert Tonner. I pre-ordered her a few months ago on the Sideshow website. She’s one of 250 Stargazing dolls made. Olivia has the same body type as my Mary Astor doll: the RTB-101 body. Other dolls with this body type are, among other, Claire Fraser and Rayne… … not coincidentally two dolls I missed out on, but would love to have. I’m thrilled to own Olivia, I think she’s gorgeous!

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    Nyx’s face-up (Dolce sculpt from Arttong)

    My Dolce head, made by the gifted artist Jun Kyungsun (former Doll In Mind, now Arttong), is no longer a floating, blank head. She has a body now, and a face-up. Dolce’s new name is Nyx, after the ancient Greek goddess of the night. I know that several companies and doll owners also have dolls named Nyx, but this name suits my Dolce so well that I decided to choose it anyway. I will tell more about the character that she represents in my doll stories later, but one thing’s for sure: she’s torn between being good and evil. Her eyes are a temporary pair; purple eyes are on their…

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    Professor and Mrs. Q.’s new arm chair

    I made an arm chair for Professor Doctor Archibald Quentin and his wife Ethel. These two will be characters in one of my future photo stories. For the creation of the arm chair I used the free template and pattern from Mia, our blog friend from ResinRapture. You can find the instructions and PDF’s to download here. My chair is far from perfect. The fabric I used is pretty stretchy, and I failed to take that into account. This resulted in gathered looking insides of the arm rests, whereas they should be smooth. However… (ssshhh) I cheated and used headpins to give a smooth look to the chair cover. Sneaky,…

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     When Robbie’s grown up he will beA pilot, just you wait and see!  He wants to fly in skies so blueAnd wear a uniform, that too!  His daddy took him to a showOf airplanes flying high and low   He dreamed of flying to BrazilAnd landing on a green-strewed hill  That was such fun, but he’s a boy,So he just folds a paper toy … ( … for now! ) Robbie: Sasha Morgenthaler “Caleb”, early 1970s, 40 cm – 15.7 inch

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    Green knitted set for Lake

    Today I’m showing a sweater and skirt that I knitted in Iplehouse E.I.D. Woman size. The pencil skirt closes in the back with press studs, the sweater doesn’t have a closure. I cast a few extra stitches on the left side of the closure of the skirt. This way, gaps that show “skin” are avoided, and there is extra room for the press studs, which makes for a neat finishing. I used an Air Mix yarn from Drops for this outfit. I underestimated the elasticity of this yarn, therefore the skirt and sweater have a rather loose fit. In all I’m pleased with how elegant the ensemble looks on my…

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    Bill Blass Barbie dress and Chema’s Christmas gifts

    Barbie has been styled and dressed by many famous fashion designers and stylists over the years. One of my favourite designs is the Bill Blass dress from 1997. I love almost everything about this dress: the bright colours, the striped bow, the lace underskirt and the wide collar. The only detail that was less appealing to me, was an oversized rose on the back. Oversized details on such small dolls clothes can easily come across as accidentally made out of proportion to me. So I removed the rose and used it as a hair ornament. The design is timeless. It’s from the 1990s, but could easily have been made last…

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    Licht (Doll Zone)

    It was a long wait of seven months, but it was worth it. Licht, the 72 cm (28 inch) tall guy from the Chinese Doll Zone company arrived a while back. He is exactly what I was looking for. He has the company face-up and a white skin tone. Licht was discontinued in April 2021, his head and body are no longer available. Maybe you recall that thanks to Alice’s Collections’ mediation I was able to order Licht from Doll Zone in May anyway. I’m so glad that I could! Licht does still need some work. I’m going to blush his entire body, he needs some extra details on his…

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    A beautiful prize from Maribel

    Our blog friend Maribel from La Caja de Galletas organised a fun game a while ago. The readers could win a beautiful evening gown with a matching stole made by Maribel for Nancy (Famosa), by sending a photo of a doll that resembled them in terms of hair colour, eye colour, … The result was a parade of different dolls, all “lookalikes” of us. A winner was drawn among the participants, and… I was the lucky one! Here you can see our vinyl alter egos. Maribel sent the prize to me, and by arrival it turned out that she not only had sent the evening gown, but also a day…

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    “Poupée de guerre” by GéGé, 1941

    Today’s doll is one with an interesting history. It’s a so called “poupée de guerre” (doll made during WWII), created by the GéGé company, France, in 1941. The founder of GéGé is Germain Giroud (1911-1991). He was the owner of a weaving mill and his company created boudoir dolls. In 1938 however, GéGé started to focus on play dolls and created its first large walker dolls with moulded hair. When the war started, Germain was mobilised in the army. He returned home in 1941. By then raw materials had become very scarce, so the GéGé company had to improvise to keep creating dolls. It made dolls out of mashed cardboard,…

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    The newest addition to my Sasha family

    I’ve been looking around here and there for an affordable blond Gregor doll (by Sasha Morgenthaler), and a while ago I found one in a recently opened second hand store. Actually I had to buy a pair – the other doll is a cute brunette Sasha. She hasn’t visited the spa yet, so I’ll show her on another occasion. With the help of the Sasha Serie Identification book by Susanna E. Lewis and her two co-writers, I was able to determine that my Gregor most likely was produced in 1975. Gregor was pretty dusty and his hair was spiky. After I cleaned him I was surprised by his light blond…

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    Midge in Court Favorite, a Barbie Millicent Roberts outfit (1997, Mattel)

    “Style” Midge (2013) is modeling the outfit “Court Favorite” from the Barbie Millicent Roberts Collection (1996-1997). This almost vintage adult collector series of dolls and outfits focuses on Barbie’s exciting and successful lifestyle. There are sets for the office, sports, city shopping, boating, gardening and so on. I only have this one outfit from the series, so I don’t know about the other sets, but this one is of excellent quality and the accessories are too cute. I chose Midge as the model because she has a classic look too and is lovely in this sports outfit, even though the monogram on the shirt and towel (not in the photos)…